The Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Gabès (ISET Gabès), the Virtual University of Tunis (UVT) and the Tunisian Association for Science and Technology of Gabès (ATSTG) in partnership with Tunisian and foreign universities and associations which are interested in the pedagogy field, will hold the International Days of Pedagogical Innovation JIP’2018 on 19th, 20th and 21st December 2018 in Sousse Tunisia. The attendants will be both Tunisian and foreign ones. They will take the form of a symposium including plenary lectures, oral communications, posters and workshops.

These days provide an ideal opportunity for rich debates and information exchange among teachers, training professionals and researchers in university pedagogy and educational technologies in order to enhance their experience and evaluate their practice. Innovative pedagogies.

Proposals for flyers or posters or workshops (in French or English) should be addressed to the following site: by 30/06/2018 at the latest summaries and 15/09/2018 for full version contributions.